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cropped-2017-06-25-20-03-00-1.jpgGrant Corriveau has been an aviator, one way and another, for a long time. As a kid he built plastic aircraft models and by the power of imagination soared into the skies. Later in life he learned to fly real rag-wing Fleet Canucks, then moved on step-by-step towards ever larger and faster aircraft.

Along the way, as a flight instructor, he helped uplift others to see for themselves the joys and challenges of flying. For a summer, he seeded thunderstorms along the foothills of Alberta. Then, he became an airline pilot and spent the next thirty years transporting people across North America and the Caribbean. Just before retiring, he built and flew his own kit airplane and was thrilled how, during the first test flight, the wings stayed on.

Over the years, he has learned to be thankful for the many people who helped him — uplifted him — along the way; family, friends, colleagues and strangers. He currently lives on Vancouver Island with his wife and greatest friend, France. He recently obtained his glider pilot licence and enjoys sharing his stories through his writing.

Though the body ages and he is reminded daily we are but dust, he also believes we are more than that. As Master Yoda observes: Luminous beings are we. And Buzz Lightyear adds: To infinity and beyond!

The journey continues.

Uplift – A Pilot’s Journey is a delightful, easy read. The self-deprecating humour is reminiscent of Dave Barry. Funny and fast-paced. I found it hard to put down. Corriveau captures the day-to-day aviation adventures in an entertaining and informative manner. Bravo, Captain Corriveau! What a gem of a book.
Cathy Fraser, Captain, B787, Air Canada

… a gem of a book

I basically gave up flying decades ago when I suddenly began to hyperventilate and break out in cold sweats while on planes in flight. Now just imaging being on is enough to reduce me to quivering hysteria. But if you were still captaining planes, it might have been enough to get me on board. At least I would be laughing at your humor as medical personnel tranq’d me and hauled me away. … The amusing stories made me laugh but I also enjoyed reading about all the people who worked alongside to do the job, train and mentor you. … I learned a lot from this book and gained a great deal of respect for those who control these flying metal tubes hurtling tens of thousands of feet up in the air. Safe journeys everyone. “After all, running into the planet can ruin your whole day.” B+

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