The Journey Continues…

cropped-2017-06-25-20-03-00-1.jpgGrant Corriveau has been an aviator, one way and another, for a long time. As a kid he built plastic aircraft models and by the power of imagination soared into the skies. Later in life he learned to fly real rag-wing Fleet Canucks, then moved on step-by-step towards ever larger and faster aircraft.

Along the way, as a flight instructor, he helped uplift others to see for themselves the joys and challenges of flying. For a summer, he seeded thunderstorms along the foothills of Alberta. Then, he became an airline pilot and spent the next thirty years transporting people across North America and the Caribbean. Just before retiring, he built and flew his own kit airplane and was thrilled how, during the first test flight, the wings stayed on.

Over the years, he has learned to be thankful for the many people who helped him — uplifted him — along the way; family, friends, colleagues and strangers. He currently lives on Vancouver Island with his wife and greatest friend, France. He recently obtained his glider pilot licence and enjoys sharing his stories through his writing.

Though the body ages and he is reminded daily we are but dust, he also believes we are more than that. As Master Yoda observes: Luminous beings are we. And Buzz Lightyear adds: To infinity and beyond!

The journey continues.

This book “Uplift – A Pilot’s Journey” is a MUST READ. Not only is it entertaining, informational and educational, it describes the life of one person with a goal, a dream, a burning desire to become an airline pilot. …

Brian Zetts, Dash 8 Captain, Air Atlantic (retired)


How does one become an airline pilot and what is it like to be a pilot ?

In this book, “UPLIFT: A PILOT’S JOURNEY,” author Grant Corriveau takes us through his personal journey of fulfilling his childhood dream to become an airline captain – the tentative steps, the obstacles, the training, the full flight simulation, becoming a rookie second officer, then a first officer, then becoming captain! ( which means you wear 4 gold bars on the epaulet of your shirt ) a medical setback, personal setbacks, flight instructor, to his final flight 30 years later into Montreal on an Airbus on the last flight of the night and an almost empty terminal building.

The story is easy for the layman to read. Airline terms are italicized and “bolded” the first time they are mentioned, then compiled in a handy glossary at the back.

“UPLIFT” is a slim volume of 200 pages. It is perfect for reading on an airplane ride, on a picnic blanket, or in a chaise lounge.

You will get to know how critical fuel is to an airline pilot, the qualities most necessary in a captain and see examples of relationships between captain and first officer.

The story is told with warmth, humor, modesty, gratitude and a shimmering quiet awareness of the profound wonder and mystery of life and that our journeys always, always go on.

The rhizome of his philosophy can be found on page 188 in his four definitions and several uses of the word “uplift” and in the final sentences of his book. Corriveau believes in a common humanity and a shared journey,

“Our role is to continually support, care for and uplift one another, in the belief that ultimately, we are all on the same journey. A journey from what we are to something we will become – something beyond our power to comprehend. The journey continues.” p. 186. — Joy Livingstone

Perfect for reading on an airplane…