And you thought you had a rough flight…

November 5 is an important anniversary date in the development of aviation in the USA and the world …
1911: Pilot Cal Rodgers takes off from New York City and begins the first transcontinental flight across the United States. He hopes to win a $50,000 prize by completing the trip in 30 days, but the inexperienced pilot has little idea of what such a trip will actually entail. 
The aircraft would end up making more than 70 stops before landing at the designated goal in Pasadena, California, on Nov. 5. Rodgers had missed the deadline by 19 days (and you think your flight delay was something).
Rodgers made more than 15 crash landings and numerous hospital visits during the trip. The plane had been repaired and rebuilt so many times during the trip that, like grandpa’s axe, little of the original aircraft made it to California.


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