Free Father’s Day promotion!

aditlApparently, this upcoming Sunday is Father’s Day. So, first off – I’ll send out a huge THANKS to everyone out there who fulfills that important role, in one way and another.

We may not all be DBBs (Dad’s by biology) but inasmuch as we provide care and support for another human being, we’re making a positive contribution to the world. Well done.

Now, for the crass commercial side of this post: Entirely by coincidence, this is the weekend that my new Kindle eBook will be available FREE!  If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in seeing what goes on behind that locked door at the front of the aircraft cabin, here’s your chance. No Risk! No Disappointing “awww, that’s four bucks I’ll never get back!” feelings!

How can this not be a good deal? Right?

So – remember to check out the Amazon Kindle website starting June 14th – Friday AM (PDT) until midnight, June 16th Sunday.

I hope you all enjoy it and any comments you’d care to leave on the Kindle website will be welcome. Also, feel free to contact me at this website if there are any topics you’d like to discuss or ask questions about.

The Journey Continues …


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