Forty Two, Uplift - a pilot's journey

JAX is not my home…

Today, there’s a large weather system with an active front running from northern Mexico, across Texas, up through Quebec, and into the maritimes. This weather pattern is not uncommon, but sometimes it is more active than others. Yesterday and overnight, it spawned tornadoes across several areas of the US and hit Montreal with a significant ice storm leaving much of the region without electrical power.

This map shows today’s early frontal activity and I’ve sketched in a rough line of how traffic generally flows north from Miami to Montreal. The standard routes arrive into Miami across the Gulf of Mexico on the west and the Atlantic on the east, Departing flights northbound are channeled along central Florida before dispersing towards their destinations.

As you can see, the front is still sitting inland several kilometers from the US seaboard region where it often advances to before dissipating. The eastern seaboard is where it was the night, several years ago, when I wrote about an encounter with it. This became a chapter in my first book, “Uplift- A pilot’s journey.”

Entitled “JAX Is Not My Home.” It speaks of feelings of displacement and restlessness. It speaks of a pressing need to move on despite the challenges we all face at one time or another. There are forces beyond ourselves, beyond our control. We are urged to face up to these by our constant longing to arrive home. This is our common journey.

(The chapter is linked, or should be viewable, below)

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