Stuff Happens: complexity, contracts and unintended consequences.

Airliners are Very Complex Vehicles. A typical B-747 is comprised of millions of parts and components. The reported numbers vary because there is no agreed method of defining "a component" and every single airliner often has differences from others, for various reasons. Suffice to say - there are millions: "A Boeing 747-8 aircraft comprises more… Continue reading Stuff Happens: complexity, contracts and unintended consequences.

Forty Two, Uplift - a pilot's journey

JAX is not my home…

Today, there's a large weather system with an active front running from northern Mexico, across Texas, up through Quebec, and into the maritimes. This weather pattern is not uncommon, but sometimes it is more active than others. Yesterday and overnight, it spawned tornadoes across several areas of the US and hit Montreal with a significant… Continue reading JAX is not my home…


Mistakes waiting to happen…

IF something CAN be done wrong - it WILL be done wrong! Ouch... And, oh yeah - maybe when there's a safety notification calling for a change to prevent similar accidents from happening again - it should be accomplished more expeditiously!! Happily, no one was killed.